When you work with a chiropractor in Norco, CA, you get the natural pain relief treatment you need to heal from an injury or chronic pain condition. At Lozano Chiropractic in Norco, CA, Dr. Phil Lozano provides a wide range of treatments to help ease muscle tightness and get your spine aligned. If you are in pain after a car accident, suffering from a sports injury, or in chronic pain, it's time to learn more about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. Cupping is one treatment used to ease pain, improve circulation, and restore your body to wellness.

Conditions Cupping Can Treat

Cupping is a treatment that helps to improve circulation, break up scar tissue, and reduce muscle tightness. If you are dealing with trigger points, scar tissue, sprains, muscle tears, or muscle spasms, cupping can help improve the health of your muscles. If you have areas that continue to hurt despite massage therapy and are looking for alternatives to pain medication, cupping can get deeper into your tissue to provide relief. 

How Cupping Is Done

Cupping is a treatment modality using specialized cups that can be attached to the skin using a pump or hot air. The cup is placed on the area where you have pain, scar tissue, or tight muscles, where it lightly pulls on the tissue under the skin. It is effective at improving circulation, pulling old blood to the surface of the skin that gets trapped in tight muscles. Cupping is not painful, and is a great way to improve the overall health of your muscles.

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